All information related to using Flowquare+ are linked from here.

Tutorials and Manuals

These tutorials contain basic information on CFD and how to use Flowsquare+ using a simple example case.

  1. Basics of CFD
  2. Basics of Flowsquare+
  3. Flowsquare+ for Beginners
  4. Getting More Familiar with the Interface

Input Files

Below pages describe information on the input files.

Below pages explain additional information potentially useful for performing CFD with Flowsquare+.

Example Cases

They introduce example simulations with their working input files, which anyone can download and use. If you find a simulation case similar to your desired case, you can download the input files, and modify them to suit your specific case, so you do not need to make all the input files from scratch. (more cases will be added)

Technical Description

They describe the technical and mathematical details of Flowsquare+ for those who are interested in how Flowsquare+ simulates fluid flow. They also explains all the numerical methods and physical models used in the solver. These knowledge helps to understand how to perform CFD more efficiently (less computational time, less divergence,...).

Simulation of natural convection (temperature in color and velocity vector).