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Planned Future Updates

The update schedule may change without notification.

Update History

  • 2019/7/14 (2019R3.1 Release)
    • Bug fix introduced in 2019R3 updates
      Bug fix for the issue arising when a STL file with asymmetry about z-axis is used.
  • 2019/7/8 (2019R3 Release)
    • (Major) bug fix introduced in 2019R2 updates
      For the issue appearing when a STL model that exceeds the computational domain too much.
    • Improvements in pressure-velocity couplig treatment
      For stable simulations regardless of spatial resolution.
    • Color bar scale can be now manually set via tool pane.
  • 2019/6/30 (2019R2 Release)
    • Improved boundary construction algorithm
      The older version produce locally faulty physical boundary conditions when a complex wall shape respect to spatial resolution and/or high/low aspect ratio polygons are specified in the CAD file. The improved algorithm significantly reduce such boundary.
    • Pressure iteration calculation algorithm improvement and additional parameters (npfil, wpfil)
      More stable simulations are possible een when spatial resolution is insufficient for used CAD file.
    • Modifiable scales for color bar
      Specifying via viz.txt (manualMinValue, manualMaxValue ).
    • Minor bug fix
      Some improved treatment for file I/O.
    • Bug fix of Two-D license related issue
      The same (active) license key can be used for the new version.
    • Changed limitations for Trial and Two-D licenses
      Timestep increment is limited to 300 or 10 timesteps. The limitation is 300 when the total number of mesh points is less than 1,000,000. It is 10 otherwise. Also, number of parallelism is now limitted for Trial and Two-D licenses. These limitations are applied for all simulations for Trial license, and only 3D simulations are affected when Two-D license is used.
  • 2019/4/7 (2019R1.1 Release)
    Bug fixes: Added break line after inserting a new divider in the parameter editor, fixed boundary definition issue at the intersection of different type boudaries
  • 2019/3/30 (2019R1.0 Release)
    CAD model import capability
    Immersed boundary method
    GUI improvement
    Optimisation of Computation Algorithm
    Minor bug fix
  • 2018/08/25 (2018R1 Release) (Japanese)

Known Issues

  • [2019R3.1] There are several reports that Flowsquare+ crashes when a simulation is performed after using the analysis mode. To avoid this issue, close Flowsquare+ after using analysis mode, and execute it again. This will be resolved in the next update.

Resolved Known Issues

  • 2019R2 has an issue of loading some STL files. Until this problem is resolved, download is only avaialble for an older version, 2019R1.1.