The English version and tutorials are being developed. Release is sheduled in early 2019.

Development progress of the English version: 50%

What is Flowsquare+

A simulation of room AC visualized by Lagrangian tracer
particle colored based on local temperature.

Flowsquare+ is a three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for thermo-fluid simulations developed by Nora Scientific in Japan. Flowsquare+ has a very handy and intuitive user interface which allows more users to perform their own simulations on typical Windows PC and laptops without too much cost and effort.

A typical commercial CFD software costs at least several thousands $ for one license, and they require huge computational resources and skills. They are untouchable for most us. Flowsquare+ is free for students or for trial license, and even the professional license is significantly cheap. Flowsquare+ does not require any professional skills, such as programming, CAD, meshing, preprocessing, post-processing; all you need to do is deciding flow parameters and drawing a simple illustration of simulation field using any paint tool such as Microsoft Paint. Also, its in-situ visualization tool helps the users to understand the flow evolution more intuitively. Anyone can perform fluid flow simulations with Flowsquare+!

User Interface

Performing CFD coudln't be more easier with Flowsquare+! No 2D/3D CAD software, mesh generator or visualization tool and skills to use these softwares are required. The 2D or 3D models to be considered in your flow field can be constructed by using only a typical paint software like Microsoft Paint*1. Flowsquare+'s unique algorithm*2 enables the user to build relatively complex 3D models without using 3D CAD, based on several simple paint images. Flowsquare+ also includes pre-/post-processing and visualization tools, being a total solution for CFD.

*1 CAD import capability will be added in 2019 udpdate.
*2 Patent pending.

Flow of CFD (①→②→③) by using Flowsquare+.
Flow of CFD (①→②→③) by using Flowsquare+.